Windows 64-bit

Linux 64-bit

Mac OS X

Installation instructions

To provide users with the most secure solution and to avoid placing dependencies on your computer the Streembit software is not an installed application. You can run the software by extracting the downloaded file and execute the Streembit binary.
Please follow the steps below to execute the application.

  1. Download one of the above the compressed files which is relevant to your operating system (OS).
  2. Extract the compressed file into any directory on your computer e.g. “C:\streembit” (on Windows) or “/home/username/streembit” on a Linux or Mac OS X machine.


On Windows, right click on the streembit.exe file, select “Run as administrator” from the menu to execute the Streembit software.
Optional: create a shortcut from the Streembit executable at your Desktop or Taskbar for quick access.


Open the terminal.
On Linux, change to the directory where the zip file was extracted.

$ cd /path/to/extracted_files

Execute the Streembit binary file.

$ ./streembit

Optional: create a .desktop file for quick access.

Mac OS X

Unzip the file in the folder of your choice, for example the Desktop. A folder named macosx64 will be created.

Open the macosx64 folder and double click on to start Streembit.